2- Large Cap, 5- Mid Cap and 3- Small Cap Multibagger Stocks : 10 Must have stocks in your Portfolio : Releasing this Diwali, Don’t Miss it.

– Be Ahead of the Curve by Investing in 3-Sectors which will produce Next set of Winning Stocks through our Diwali Special Research Report.

Stock Markets always move from a Bull Phase to Bear Phase and after a long period of consolidation, start the cycle afresh. But the important thing to note is, Every Cycle has its own winners and the Dud stocks which fall after a Bear Phase hardly regain their Old Glory. All New Bull Markets will produce a new set of Winning Sectors and Stocks. While we are pure Bottom-Up Investors with huge focus on picking the right set of businesses at decent valuations, it also makes sense to add a little bit of Macro view points to our Research arsenal.

So, based on our Holistic Research on different sectors and the performance of companies in those sectors – We have identified 3-Themes/ Sectors which will produce a lot of Multibagger Stocks going forward. This will help you to remove some of the Stocks in which you have been stuck and move money into Sectors where Rewards can be reaped. Apart from Identifying the Sectors, we have also pointed out the Stocks through which you can Invest in these themes and grow your Wealth in the Long term.

If you are holding on to your Stocks which were the Darlings of the Previous Bull Run like Suzlon, Praj, Unitech, GMR etc in your Portfolio, don’t believe you would be able to regain the losses by holding them for more years. The Best way to Recover your losses is to Reshuffle your Portfolio to New Winning Picks which will grow over the next 3 years. We have Consistently showed in our Model Portfolio (TMP)that, if you stick to Good Stocks – there is enough Money to be made even in bad times. TMP’s performance of +54.5% compared with SENSEX’s +12% is a testimony to this fact. Another important requirement for a good Portfolio Management is to Cut down Weeds (Mis-Judged Stocks) in your Portfolio and Water the Flowers (Winning Picks).

So, being ahead of the Curve and Investing in Stocks and Sectors which will be leaders over the next few years is crucial for earning Superior Risk-Adjusted returns on your portfolio. Hence this Diwali special report which consists of Stocks across Market Capitalization and Sectors, which are expected to do well going forward. Our Research report will provide Key Investment Highlights of the Stocks in a Crisp Fashion along with the Valuation and Recommendation tab. 

– Subscribe to our Research Services under our Diwali Special Offer to receive this Special Research Report.

You would also be able to Send in your Portfolio and get it Re-Tuned by our Expertswho will be removing all the Dud stocks in your portfolio and make your Portfolio fitter. While many analysts continue to predict Good times ahead of us, your Portfolio will enjoy good times with only a particular set of Performing companies and not an across the Board Party. With a Good Portfolio which will grow your wealth, you will be able to enjoy a truly Happy & Prosperous Diwali.

If your having a Non-Performing Equity Portfolio, make sure your Re-Tune the Portfolio with Proper Stocks to make money In Markets. Dud Stocks will continue to be in losses, you will be able to recover your losses only by Investing in winning Multibagger Stocks. To know more about our Investment Packages and the Offer Prices,    

You can call us at +91 98867 36791 or e-mail to us at Info@hbjcapital.com  

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