Releasing Today: Are you looking for 30-50 times returns in 3-5 years? – Only “Business Insight” stock reco from MPS has such potential.

[This Penny Stock is ONLY for the exclusive MPS Subscribes]
Life changing opportunities, knocking at the door, are you hearing!!!

Are you a high risk taker? Do we really need to ask such questions to a stock market investors/traders? No, because anyone who invest in equity must understand that risk will always be there, it is part & parcel of life. Only way one can mitigate the risk is to consult a trusted and reputed specialist from the investment world, who understand the rule of money game and keeps a tab on the economy or stock to be more precise.

And when you are willing to transfer all your risk & worries to HBJ Capital, then you MUST take exposure in penny stocks supported by MPS unit because their “Business Insights – A Wealth Creating Penny Stocks” has potentail to give 30-50 times returns in next 3-5 years of holdings. Can you imagine, your 1 lac investment will become 30-50 lac in just 3-5 years!!!

MPS team is coming up with one such reco for the month of July available for ONLY MPS subscribers (refer one sample reco from MPS open for public Link).

The salient feature of that wealth creating penny stock for the month of July’09 is (available to only the new subscribers of MPS subscribing before July 25th):-

  1. The company under coverage is a first company to foray into the business in India, and is the only listed company in it’s space. First mover advantage will always be there with this wealth creating stock.
  2. The company’s professional services are in huge demand in Metros, on account of expanding foreign tourism, and rising income of the middle class. Scale of opportunity is very high because company is in the business of solving the common problem. The service provided is a mix of convenience, safety, security and comfort, and this translates into a big business opportunity.
  3. The market size of such services is going to be in the range of 8000-10000 Cr in a matter of 3-4 years, whereas the market cap of the company stands at just Rs 12 Cr, and that too when it is amongst the leaders in its business.
  4. Also, the company is still undiscovered, as the business took off as late as 2006, so big fund houses have not jumped on to it yet. This will give the subscribers, an early mover advantage.
  5. The opportunities run into more than 100 times for this company,as there are only a dozen players operating in the business, and this makes it one of the best available investment options in the market.

Are you still waiting!!! Grab this potential 30-50 bagger stock in next 3-5 years from MPS Unit. Subscribe for MPS Paid Services, for this call 98867 36791 or e-mail to

-Team HBJ Capital

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