Aug 14th : Live Market Trading Calls Updated by JK @ SLT [Net Profit = Rs2,750/lot (i.e, Rs 1,750 in Nifty Fut & Rs1,000 in Nifty Opt)]

At SLT, we see a consolidation in the first few days of next week, after that there will be one direction only and we expect it to be upward. Although we strictly don’t reco any one to carry long position for next week in future as well as options. Hence, stay positive for next week but play intraday only.

Snapshot of today’s live Nifty future/option calls : Net Profit = Rs2,750/lot (i.e, Rs 1,750 in Nifty Fut & Rs1,000 in Nifty Opt)

10:31am : Short Nifty Fut around 4585-90, SL 4612, TGT#1 4560, TGT#2 4542. Buy Nifty 4500 Call only below Rs150-152. Mkt will fall first then bounce back today: JK
11: 05am: Just hold your Nifty Fut Pos, remove the SL, we will let you know what next? Mkt bounce now is temporary, hold your pos.
11:56am: Mkt unlikely to fall now. Exit from Nifty Fut short pos at 4600 with minor loss. Buy Nifty Fut around 4600-4590, SL 4572, TGT#1 4625, TGT#2 4645 : JK
12:19pm: Don’t panic with the sharp fall, mkt will bounce back. Go long even at Nifty 4580 levels. Buy Nifty 4500 Call at 165. Mkt likely to rebound & close 20-40pts up
12:25pm : Pls remove your SL, Stay long in Nifty Future Long Call. Buy Nifty 4500 Call options below 150.
12:37pm: Don’t panic, mkt will bounce back. Go long even at Nifty 4565. Buy Nifty 4500 Call option at 150. Don’t read too much into the sharp fall in the mkt. Stay long
1:19pm : Pls stay with your long pos in Nifty Fut (exposure taken at various entry prices 4565, 4585 & 4590) with TGT#1 4625 & TGT#2 4645. Hold Nifty 4500 Call also: JK
Those taken exposure in Nifty Fut at 4565 shd book partial profit at 4605 & look for next TGT of 4625 & 4645. Trend is up hence contd holding Nifty Call Option.
2:02pm: Pls don’t panic, mkt fall is temporary. One can even enter at Nifty Fut long pos around 4565-70 with TGT 4600. Mkt will bounce back & close 20-40pts up today.
As we mentioned earlier, mkt did bounced back. Look for revised Nifty Future TGT#1 as 4600, TGT#2 as 4615. Book complete profit in Nifty 4500 Call at 170: JK
3:20pm: Pls close your Nifty Fut Long Pos around 4580-90. Close your Nifty 4500 Call Opt around 155-160. Don’t carry any pos for next week: JK

-Team SLT

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