Aug 7th : Live Market Trading Calls Updated @ SLT by JK [Net Loss = (Rs750 – Rs1000 – Rs1000) = Rs1250/lot]

Volatility in the market continued, after number of attempts to bounce back finally market fell down and remain at the lower levels. Unfortunately most of the trading calls went wrong today, hence we are suggesting our trading community not to carry any position for next trading days.

US payroll data might change the sentiments, effect of which will be seen on Monday, but on the safer side it is better to be with no position as of now. Just stay away and watch the movement for a day or two before taking any position. Things will be clearer by Monday. For more details refer [Access restricted only to exclusive subscribers of SLT]

Snapshot of today’s live Nifty future/option calls : Rs1,250/- loss per lot for today!!!

Aug 7th – 9:45am: Hold Nifty Future (positional call given yesterday) bought @4565-70 & Nifty 4700 Call bought @ 105. Remove SL for sometime in early trade: JK, HBJ Cap
Aug 7th – 10:10am: Pls exit Nifty Future @4575 & Nifty 4700 Call @100 (No Profit/Loss). Mkt seems to be in correction mood, close all cash mkt & stock option long pos: JK
Aug 7th – 11:04am: Buy Nifty Future around 4535-36, SL @4518, TGT#1 4550, TGT#2 4567. The bounce back in the market is temporary, trend is downward only: JK, HBJ Cap
Aug 7th – 11:20am:
Nifty Fut TGT#1 4550 achieved (Profit=Rs750/lot) book partial profit. Expect further up move, look for TGT#2 4567 :JK, HBJ Cap
Aug 7th – 12:27am:
Nifty close to SL trigger level of 4518, pls exit, close your Nifty long [correction] position: JK, HBJ Capital
Aug 7th – 12:51pm: Buy Nifty Fut around 4515-20, SL @ 4495, TGT#1 4542, TGT#2 4560. Mkt likely to bounce back & expected to close ~1% down today: JK, HBJ Cap
Aug 7th – 1:05pm:
SL triggered for Nifty Future long call @ 4495, pls exit. Mkt not showing strength hence recovery unlikely: JK, HBJ Cap
Aug 7th – 1:50pm: Buy Nifty Future around 4520-25, SL @ 4495, TGT#1 4542, TGT#2 4560. Some upside seen from here, mkt to close ~1% down today: JK, HBJ Cap
Aug 7th – 2:16pm: Not a good trading day, our calls went wrong 1st time during last 3 weeks. Overall market sentiments remains poor. Don’t hold any position for now: JK

-Team SLT

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