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*******This was the mail sent to Paid Subscribers on Monday***********
Dear Subscribers,
From last two week’s our market predictions turns out to be 100% correct, we believe you must have noticed it and benefited from it.

Market Briefing:-
The direction of the Indian market rests on what global markets have put in over the next couple of days. If the US markets have a good run for the next two days then this rally may extend a bit more. But whether this rally will extend beyond 3,000 Nifty is still uncertain.
Trading activity is likely to be hectic this week also mainly due to expiry on 27th Nov. The overseas cues have been positive, which should lead us to a good start. However, going forward, the derivatives expiry and hopes of some policy announcement from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will keep investors on their toes.

Technically, the index is likely to continue pullback of 5-6% from the current levels, i.e. we could move up to 2,850 levels, above which the index may surprise us with a rally right up to 3,200-mark. However for a sustained up move, the index needs to trade firmly above the 2,850-mark.
After being hammered from 3,300 to 2,500 the Nifty could get back to those 3,000-3,200 levels but this rally would only last a couple of days and then the level would drop back down to 2,500 again or maybe even lower.

HBJ Capital’s Views for Monday:- (Spot Nifty ~ 2700 level on Friday)
Indian stock markets are expected to open gap-up ~ 2% , this is due to positive global clue, there would be some selling pressure by FII at the higher level and market might take a dip, still in positive zone. By second half Nifty is expected to move further higher and it will close above 2-3% upside only.

Strategies for Traders:-

  1. Hold if you have Nifty LONG/CALL – As per our reco last Friday, those who were holding Nifty SHORT/PUT last week must have exited on Friday with good profit. In case if you have bought Nifty Future or CALL Options on Friday, then just hold it on Monday and exit only if market moves 3-5% upside on Monday.
  2. Don’t take fresh Nifty LONG/CALL if market opens up 4-5% – Traders with a penchant for risk however can consider going long on Nifty future if Nifty opens up between 1-2% upside keeping the stop-loss at 2500. As long as 2550 is not broken, the Nifty future has the potential to go up.
  3. Don’t go for Nifty SHORT/PUT if market closes with 3-5% gain. We are expecting positive momentum to continue on Tuesday too unless anything unexpected happens. Medium term mood is still bearish, so may be in couple of days you will get chance to build SHORT on Nifty again, we will keep you posted on this.

Market Update:-
Some brisk purchases by brokers to cover their short positions and hopes of an interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank helped the Sensex snap a seven-day losing streak on Friday. The talk of fresh measures by the government to boost growth also aided the sentiment.

Expecting some announcement on this front over the weekend, domestic traders aggressively covered short-positions, even as foreign institutions remained net sellers. Softening of inflation, and proposed liquidity infusion measures by the finance ministry also improved sentiment.
Any clarity on Citi’s restructuring is good news for markets. “It is a positive…if anything of this sort (merger of asset sale) happens, one more uncertainty goes away”. Fund managers, however, note that if Citigroup does not announce any measures on its restructuring plans, the market is likely to reverse its Friday’s gains.

In another attempt to stem India’s economic slowdown, the RBI may, this week, announce more measures to ease money supply, which is expected to ease lending rates. Analysts feel investors would take positive cues from any such move in the near-term, but do not expect the optimism emerging from such measures to stay for a longer period.

Good Luck!!!
Sandeep Jain

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The above are some of the instances where you people have delayed the report rite on the last day.

    Why is this happening again and again??
    Dont you know G20 meet is happening on that date? Dont you know the company is announcing results ?

    Or what happened for todays post delay?

    It is really a big problem with you.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As per the dispatch schedule sent earlier, we were suppose to send "Complete Coverage Report On Mid-Cap Mela Event" today on Nov 16th but due to unforeseen event like G20 on Nov 15th we took decision to release another important report in the present context considering rapid changing world & need to educate all our subscribers in no time.You will be receiving the above report today. "Complete Coverage Report on Mid-Cap Mela Event" is now scheduled for Nov 23rd. There is no change in schedule for other reports.

    As per our earlier schedule we were expected to send "Complete Coverage Report on Mid-Cap Mela Event" today & based on the latest decision one more report on "Media & Entertainment Sector" was planned for today. We are sorry to say that these two reports will be taken care in the month of Dec'08 onward.

    The expected dispatch of our "10in3" report for the month of Oct'08 was tonight. We are sorry to say that there would be 2 days delay in sending the report due to additional info (like expected Q2 earnings, furthere FCCB and plan of acquisition if any etc) on the company which were are trying to gather from the CFO of the company, for this purpose we have fix a teleconference with the CFO on Monday, Oct 20th (earlier it was scheduled on friday, Oct 17th). Once we get the additional info after from the call, it will be included in the report.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I am a paid subscriber and i have raised this issue before.

    Why are you people not sending the reports on time ?
    Has it a become a habit for HBJ to postpone the reports several times before releasing ?

    This is a serious issue. Do you think people should subscribe and beg for reports?

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