The dispatch schedule for “10in3” , “Business Insights” & “Flash Back” reports for the month of July’09.

Dear Paid Subscribers,

Pls find above the schedule for HBJ Capital’s (HBJ & MPS) research reports for the month of July’09. Our HBJ team lead by Arun is working 24×7 on “10in3” stock pick which has potential upside of 10 times in 3 years time frame. Our MPS team lead by Ekansh is working on “Business Insights – A Wealth Creating Penny Stocks” which has potential upside of 30-50 times in 3-5 year holdings. One should not get surprised to see such exceptional returns or stocks reco by HBJ Capital’s team, we are able to do this because in order to find one stock pick we spent almost 2 months time (doing primary & secondary research) and only when we get convinced we reco any stock.

All our subscribers feel happy when the market falls because they get bargain price for our reco stocks and they love doing avg down (as long as homework is done well there is no issue in doing avg down from the buy price). They don’t worry about any stocks after doing investment based on our reco because we keep them posted every month on the latest development on our last 1 year reco thru a report called “Flash Back”. We also provide best available stocks at the current price for investment in our flash back report so that one can go ahead and do systematic investment because no one in this world really know where is the bottom or top for any stock hence we suggest SIP ways of investment.

Note: For new subscribers, pls subscribe before July 25th to receive July issues of “10in3 – 10x in 3 years – Small Cap Multibagger”, “Business Insights – Wealth Creating Penny Stocks” & “Flash Back – Last 12 months reco with latest update and reco on the top 3 to 5 stocks attractive at current price”. Only 5 days left to avail July issues, hurry!!!

Note: Those who are subscribing after July 25th will not receive July issues of multibagger reports.

Sandeep Jain, Senior Associate, HBJ Capital

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