HBJ Capital’s Offerings from SLT ( : Make Money Combo Trading Package [Nifty/Stock Future & Option Calls + Cash Market Calls]

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Most popular product from HBJ Capital
(SLT’s “Make Money Trading Package”)
with 85-90% accuracy after re-structuring.
[Note: We have limited number of subscription open for this package because each subscribe gets personal support from a senior associate, hence when we run out of bandwidth, we stop taking new subscribers. Only 100 subscribers per associate is allowed, early confirmation from potential subscribers will help them get the slot else one need to be in waiting list for 2-3 months before we can provide you the confirmed subscription. Especially applicable for “Make Money Trading Calls Package”.]
“Make Money Package” from SLT : Trading Services & Pricing Details

Effective from May 18th, SLT ( ) division got spin-off from HBJ Capital ( ) and became independent entity providing specialised trading calls on Nifty/Stock Future/Option. Our client list includes many sub-brokers, HNI and institutions apart from retail investors/traders. Our business model is diff from other’s. We own your profitability, we ensure that you make maximum profit or minimize the losses. Our focus will be quality of calls not the quantity, tracking & follow-up will be done every 30min. With 100% conversion rate till now (trial to subscription) we stand out of the crowd. (SLT) – This portal focus on Nifty/Stocks Future & Option + Cash Mkt Trading Calls [“Make Money Trading Call Package” @ Rs35K per year]

New subscribers of “Make Money Trading Package” @ subscription charge of Rs35K per year!!!

You will be getting the following services & support:-

#1) Daily FnO Calls (Most popular among trading community) – With success rate of 85-90% (after restructuring), our trading calls are most popular product as on today. We believe in educating the traders at the same time helping them make descent gains with discipline trading. Positional Calls (& Swing trading) on Nifty/Stocks future/options are provided thru sms/calls/chat. Daily min 3-4 calls will be provided out of which 3 will be intraday and 1 of call will be positional. At any point of time at most 2 position will be outstanding.

#2) 4-8 Double Circuit stock reco per month – Short term cash mkt delivery calls with 20-25% upside, max 2-4 stock reco per week. Delivery based calls from momentum stocks with good upside.

#3) Live market update & next market move by JK, Senior Technical Analyst @ SLT
Description of the package: This is one of the classic package from SLT, where our technical analyst will do hand holding and make sure that you make a descent profit. This value added and premium service is for those who can spent at least 2-3hrs in the market. Risk in this trading calls will be very low but superior returns and much secure. The reason behind lowest risk is, a subscriber will be supported on call by a technical analyst during market hours. In this service we will be providing you with an excellent intraday & positional Nifty/Stock Future /Option Calls along with Cash market calls. This service is basically for NSE Nifty/Stock Future/Option Traders. We deliver this service with a very sophisticated SMS System where in we make sure the deliverability of message much before on time so that you get adequate time to enter the trade.
Capital Requirement: Min. INR 1 lakh to INR 3 lakhs.

Salient Features:
  • You can leave all the trading worries to us and just look at the calls and execute the trade accordingly.
  • Less trading, more earning. No overtrading.
  • Execution of well researched Nifty/Stock intraday/positional calls where in you take advantage of both long and short calls depending on the market trend.

The objective:- To earn a return of 30-40% per month on your capital.

Subscription Charges:-

  • 1 month = Rs 12,000
  • 3 months = Rs 18,000
  • 6 months = Rs 25,000
  • 12 months = Rs35,000

We assure you 85-90% accuracy in this plan on consistent basis.

What you will be getting?

  1. Daily 2-3 Nifty/Stock Futures/Option Calls with Proper TGT.
  2. Daily 2-3 Stock Cash Market Calls with Proper TGT.
  3. Follow Ups & All Important News & Information.
  4. Nifty Review, Resistance & Support.
  5. Daily Market Update on You will have access to this portal for all type of views/news/market movement.
  6. On-Call Support will be provided, for every subscribers there will be a technical analyst who will look after or monitor the position of your calls.

Medium of Calls:-

  • Calls Will Be Given Only On SMS & Yahoo/Gtalk Chat.
  • Indian Clients: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered.
  • Global Clients: Calls will be given thru Yahoo/Gtalk Chat.

Sample & Follow-Ups Calls:-

  • BUY GMRINFRA AUG FUT ABOVE 102 SL 100 TGT 105/108.



JK, Senior Technical Analyst, HBJ Capital

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