About HBJ Capital : To become #1 – Equity Research Company in India by 2012

Are you looking for Multibagger Stocks from Small/Mid-Caps & Trading Calls?
HBJ Cap is the right place for your needs!!!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to HBJ Capital – “Specialists in discovering multibagger stocks”.
#1. Our idea based on the following theme….
Everyone who earns money either thru monthly pay cheque or thru business income; spent some bucks for their daily expenses & saves the rest of the money for their future commitments or for rainy days, everyone expect best returns for their savings without knowing that which financial instruments will provide them best returns. Starting from earning money, spending, savings and later on getting best returns; most of the people in this world does the 1st three things (earning/spending/savings) and only few knows how to get maximum returns & from where?
HBJ Cap existence is to solve this basic problem of all human beings. HBJ Cap is here to “be the change or to bring the change in the financial market”, it will solve the very basic problem of all those who earn or save money!!!
It is proven fact that over the period of time best returns are achieved from equity market that too from small/mid cap stock investment. There are hardly any trusted service provide/financial product/ consultancy provider focusing on identifying multibagger stocks from mid/small cap stocks.
Financial sectors are dominated by either Banks with generic products like FD/G Sec or NBFC selling MF, Insurance etc. Investment in FD, G-Sec etc doesn’t need mind to invest. MF performance depends on individual fund managers who are ultimately driven by MF investors/public redemption pressure.
Our focus on niche area called “Discovering multibagger stocks from mid/small cap sector” will help any individual or institution/corporate to take independent route of investing directly into the market rather than going thru MF or ULIP etc. Our in-depth research based on analytic of data & one to one with company promoters/officials will help us to provide best research report to our subscribers.
#2. More about HBJ Cap & its future plans….
HBJ Capital has 4 line of businesses related with each other…..
  1. “Discovering multibagger stocks from small/mid-cap” – This is done thru www.hbjcapital.wpengine.com, which publish “10in3″, “Street Smart”, “Inside Value Picks”, “Double Circuits” & “Flash Back” reports.
  2. “Discovering multibagger stocks from micro/nano cap” – This is done thru www.multibaggerpennystocks.com, which publish “Business Insights”, “Value Picks”, “Instant Profits” & “Flash Back” reports.
  3. “Offline PMS Services” – This service is provided thru www.themillionaireportfolio.com which is going to replace all the convensional PMS services.
  4. “Providing Specialized Trading Calls” – This is done thru ww.stoplosstrade.com. Here we have “Make Money Combo Package” & “Nifty Champion” Package.

With aim to become #1 – Equity Research Company in India by 2012, the same year we have plan to get it listed at BSE/NSE. As on today we have 20 research associate expert from various areas like Global economy, fundamental/technical, futurist etc.

We conduct interview once in two month to add competent people because getting a business is not a big deal than getting a right person.

The methodology used by HBJ Cap to discover multibagger stocks: Research for “10in3 – 10x in 3 years” or “Street Smart – 4x in 3 years” or “Business Insights – 15x in 3-5 years” is done in 2 phases…

  1. Primary Research: Preparation of very exhaustive research report (approx 80-90 pages) on the company under coverage and sharing that report with promoter of the company or CEO/CFO.
  2. Secondary Research: Getting an appointment from the company officials such that we can clarify our doubts and have better understanding about the company’s future. Only when our research team get convincing answer from company officials and get confident after visiting their premises and talking to employees etc, we publish that report and share with our paid subscribers & even to the company officials.
#3. HBJ Capital’s top management team.
  1. Mr. Kumar Harendra (CEO) – He is ex-infoscion. With close to 15 years of experience and passionate about equity research and investment, he started investing at the age of 14 years. He is a strong believer of wealth creation thru equity investment & trading at the same time he prefer sharing wealth (stake in HBJ Cap) with all the associates of HBJ Capital rather than going for private placement. With vision to make HBJ Capital, India’s #1 equity research firm by 2012, he always look for passionate and dedicated folks around.
  2. Mr. Sandeep Jain (Senior Associate – Prime Contact) – He is from IIMA (Year 2005 batch). HBJ Capital is his first and last job, for him more than value addition, it is value creation which attracts. He looks after HBJ Cap, SLT & MPS division. He is the front fact of the company and involved in every bit and pieces, you will always find him up and running. Only difference between his though & Kumar’s is when Kumar thinks of HBJ Cap to be India’s #1 equity research, Sandeep will try to step ahead and say, why not World’s #1?
  3. Mr. JK (Lead, SLT – www.stoplosstrade.com ) – He is one of the top technical analyst in India, with 9 years of experience, he was able to predict the 2008 crash well before time in Nov 2007 itself when whole world was falling and only BRIC nations were under bull run. He gave a red alert to all his subscribers who are saved from massive crash in the market. His trading calls are in high demand and opted by many HNI and institutions.
  4. Mr. Arun Gopalan (Lead, HBJ & TMP – www.hbjcapital.wpengine.com ) – With 7 years of IT experience and passionate about equity research, Arun is leading HBJ Capital portal division with complete bottomline of to two most popular multibagger research reports called “10in3″ & “Street Smart” [& “Flash Back” reports]. He is one of the sharpest brain and always believe in going fast (non stop). Coming out with innovative ideas/ suggestions almost daily is what really keeps all of us on the toe. His articles are in high demand. He has good negotiation skill and a good deal maker.
  5. Mr. Ekansh (Lead, MPS – www.multibaggerpennystocks.com) – With 4 years of experience in discovering multibagger stocks, he is one of the best brain at HBJ Cap. Youngest associate with immense energy to work round the clock, he is expert in spotting companies trading at 25-50 paisa and exiting at Rs 20-50 hence making a killing in the market with 50-100 times returns. He has his own set of fans, there are big players trading/investing in millions of rupees strictly follow his reco.
  6. Mr. Abhishek Kumar (Lead, Sales & Marketing) – Based out of New Delhi, he is a well connected personality with HNI, Institutions and Retail investors. With marketing experience of 5 years, he is involved in client acquisition and enhancing the reach of HBJ Capital. He is the man behind the fast growth of HBJ Capital.
  7. Miss Payal Saha (HR & Associate) – She is the one who takes care of our free/paid subscriptions & salaries. She has 3.5 years of HR experience and involved in day to day work of accounting and customer care related work including recruitments.

Kumar, CEO, HBJ Capital

Address : 5th Main, Girinagar, BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore – 85

Call: 098867 36791, E-mail: Info@hbjcapital.com

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