MPS Update: From July 30th MPS Portal will be accessable ONLY to exclusive subscribers of MPS. [Instant Profit stock reco released today @ MPS Portal]

Are you a penny stock lover? Do you want to make 30-40% risk free return per month? Do you like trading in high volumes like 50 thousands or 1 lac stocks @ just Re 1 or even Re0.50? Then MPS is the best place for you!!!

Introduction to “Jackpot Package” of MPS Unit

We have seperate MPS (Only Penny Stocks Offerings called “Jackpot Package”) offerings, the details of which are mentioned below :-

  1. 12 issues of “Business Insights” per year – A long term wealth creating penny stocks with potential return of 15-30 times in 3-5 years holdings. We scan thru 100s of penny stocks to discover 1 for “Business Insight” report. Download the sample stock – Link
  2. 12 to 24 issues of “Instant Profit” per year – These are short term penny stocks, well researched and momuntum stocks. At least 12 penny stocks & at most 24 penny stocks will be reco per year as “Instant Profit”. Purpose will be to have at least 30-40% or more returns per month hence stock reco count might differ depending on over all market sentiments. To be on the conservative side we have mentioned just 12. Not only this, once in a two days follow-ups will be provided for each “Instant Profit” reco at so that you should get a proper support from us.
  3. 24 issues of “Flash Back Report” per year – Why 24? It is because for penny stocks we need frequent tracking, hence follow-ups will be provided once in a fortnight for “Business Insights”. You will be either getting these update at MPS site or a report will be e-mailed to you.
  4. Access to will be exclusively for MPS subscribers effective from July 30th. Subscribers of HBJ Capital’s “Multibagger Package” or “Trading Package” will not have access to MPS site from July 30th.

Above services will come with Rs15K as annual subscription fee, but for existing subscribers of HBJ Capital after loyalty discount, it will be just Rs12K and that too only till Aug 15th 2009.

To know more about the above package, pls call Sandeep Jain @ 98867 36791 or e-mail to

– Team MPS

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