A strategy based trading : “Game Show Gurus” starting from Sept 21st 2009 : Book your slot for next week, only limited trading members allowed/week.

Is this a trading game show? Why it is called “Game Show Gurus”? What type of strategies you will be providing to your trading members? Is it available for all the trading members who has subscribed from “Make Money Trading Calls” from SLT?

– These are some basic queries rising in the mind of the trading community members. Let’s break the silos and talk about the concept behind this trading package.

Conventional Trading: More than 90% of traders never follow any trading plan or strategies. They just trade on anything or everything. They just follow what is the analyst on the TV or what his/her trading calls provider says. But analyst on the TV are busy speaking in front of the media, do they get time to do research; haven’t you seen one analyst bullish and other bearish on the market; whom you are going to listen or follow, what if an analyst you are following on the TV doesn’t appears for next 1-2 week, what if he/she reco a buy on a counter and talks nothing about SL or target.

There are uncountable numbers of trading calls providers too, just type “Nifty Trading” you will find 3,810,000 links, now tell me where you will go and find who the best trading call providers are? 90% of such guys will have well managed, good looking website whose name starts with stock tips, nifty, call, put, option, bull (no one will have name like bear!) so and so.

Now, 90% of the cases one will never be able to find out who are the guys providing calls, I mean the name of technical analyst or the call provider. Have you ever spoken to your trading call provider? Do they share the reason why they gave the call? Who knows if they are yet another reseller of trading calls (like most of the people has made this a business, they will get calls from many well established providers and route it to someone else making a descent gain, expenses are just to build a good looking website and keep a guy who will route the calls). So, it is always better to know the team who provides these services and more than that their track history. First you should check if they really have good knowledge of economy or not, don’t just see their xls based past performance which can be prepared overnight, check if they do good amount of home work before providing the calls or not?

Now coming back to topic, most of the trading calls providers will not have any trading strategies neither traders will have any pre-planned strategies for the day, they will just like provide the calls based on technical or news etc. But do you know most of the time so called support and resistance are broken, problem with the technical guys are that they deal with 100s of indicators some are leading and some are lagging indicator. Some indicator showing bullish and some showing bearish sign.

Just tell me if technical analyst are a concept then why support/resistance levels differs from person to person. So, never get lost in these indicators, never get lost in news/event based trading, have a good trading plan for the week or month and trade with descent gain. Remember, as long as you do trading as a business, you will make money; the day you though overnight success or get rich quick, you are gone!!!

…….details to contd tomorrow!!!

Last but not the least, we at HBJ Capital (SLT Team) are going to start – A strategy based trading show called “Game Show Gurus” from next week onward. The details of which will be posted soon.

Note: All the annual subscribers of “Make Money Trading Calls” whose has paid Rs35K for 1 year subscription will get this service FREE!!! Other new & existing trading members need to subscribe for this new age trading show which will change the way you were trading till now!!!

For more details call +91 9886736791 (Sandeep Jain) or Mail to

-Team HBJ Capital

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