Whenever Saturn transits a sign, major events happen in the world, both good and bad, but dramatic : Watch Out Sept 26th 2009.

Transit of Saturn would be very beneficial for those born under the Moon Sign of Aries, Cancer and Scorpio. Saturn will give huge gains for Aries in income through investments in real estate stocks, for Cancer through Telecom and Communication Sector stocks and for Scorpio through the share market (F&0).

Lady luck will especially smile for Scorpio moon sign as windfall is expected in the share market and they can trade in Nifty Futures and Options with huge margins.

If you want to know about impact on your financial position post Sept 26th then mail us at or visit

>>>>>>>>Just after this posting on Sept 10th, we got 100s of queries form various section of investors/traders, couple of which are mentioned below<<<<<<
Dear Sir,

I am your client of multibagger package would like to know about my investment according to astrology. Please guide me
Birth day and time : 23 .10.1962 at Hisar Haryana at around 1700hrs

Thanks a lot,
God bless you all out there at HBJ, So Far very good for at HBJ Gained a lot,

Dinesh Singh

Response for Request#1:

Dear Sir,
We have seen your horoscope and analyzed your details as per numerology and astrology for your stocks:

#1. You have Gajakesari Yoga(Moon-Jupiter aspect) and Vipreet Raja Yoga(6th Lord Sun in 8th House) in your horoscope.
#2. Anyways, coming to specific stock prediction:

You will gain immensely if you invest in Telecom and Communication Stocks (for short term/medium term) and Real Estate Stocks for long term basis. You can consider investing in Realty Funds or invest in land /property etc.

Also, you can invest on Wednesdays but avoid Fridays. Your best investment dates are : 5th, 9th, 14th, 18th, 23rd and 27th of any month and if they fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, nothing like it.

You can indulge in F&Os but after Oct 10th only.

-Team TMP

Dear Sir,

Greetings from banglore ….my name is manoj, I am not a subscriber of HBJ Capital …my dob is saturday 04-05-1974 …2.20pm mysore…….i am not able to take make profits …though i trade taking expert advice i always take hasty decissions and end up huge losses …i have lost 4 lakh in 4 months i am beginner in this trade i trade in future and options am a intraday trader. I lost around 4 lakhs in fact i had around 10 lakhs it has came down to 4 before it becomes zero.

I request your expert advice ……very kind of you……..

warm regards

Response to Request#2:
Dear Manoj,
We have analyzed your horoscope and my astro/numerology findings are as under:

#1. No surprise you lost 4 lakhs in 4 months, having been born on the 4th of the month….You desire instant profits and which you are unable to hold on to. People born on No. 4 suffer from this problem (especially 4th of any month- they get things suddenly- Classic example is Anil Ambani, 4th June 1959)…Obama also born on 4th Aug , 1961 and Gulzarilal Nanda (interim PM) -4th July 1898- they rise fast but find it difficult to sustain momentum.

#2. Anyways, as regards stocks queries-
a) We would suggest you not to speculate or go for trading at this juncture (for next 6 months)… Whatever you try and buy/sell, you will make the bad calls.

Best option for you is to buy for short/medium terms the stocks in following sectors ONLY:
– Education (You will do very well if u invest in this sector, eg. Educomp etc)
– Media and Entertainment stocks
-Printing and Publishing
-Motorised Vehicles

b) Wear Yellow color when you sit for trading and worship Lord Ganesha.

Also, dates 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th are lucky dates for your trading. You are blessed with buddha/aditya yoga (supreme intelligence) in 9th house of bhagyesh(house of fortune) so money and cash flow should not be a problem. Just buy on the dates we mentioned and sectors we have suggested.

-Team TMP

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to know about your financial success just drop a mail to with the following info…

  1. Date, time and place of birth
  2. Investment amount and goals (short term/long term)
  3. Any specific queries you have related with your financial status?

Remember, there are millions of people with same name as yours, there are millions of people with same date/time of birth as yours, but all has different financial status, someone is wealthy & some are poor why? All of us work harder and harder, all of us work smart but why only few get the success? So, if you want to know more about your financial future, just drop us a mail.

-Team HBJ Capital

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